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Get your data in seconds


Direct support for your BIM


Visualize your projects

Some of our customers

"Cetopo on erittäin toimiva työkalu, joka vähentää ylimääräistä säätöä maastomallinnuksessa."

"Cetopo tekee maastomallin ja pohjakartan tuonnin ArchiCADiin hämmästyttävän yksinkertaiseksi, aikaa säästyy todella paljon."

"Cetopo is the starting point for all our landscape design as it has all the necessary data neatly combined in one tool."

"Cetopo on selkeä, yksinkertainen ja nopea työkalu kartta- ja maastotietojen hakemiseen. Sovelluksen tarjoama tarkka ja monipuolinen aineisto säästää aikaa suunnittelutyön eri vaiheissa."

"Easy and efficient tool. Saves time and enables you to start planning a project with the correct information."

"Cetopo is an incredibly versatile tool, that not only helps with the obvious terrain related planning, but has many unexpected uses that we didn’t know we even needed, but could no longer be without!"


Familiar & easy interface

Use the map to find a location, or search for it with a search box. You can also search using property number (kiinteistötunnus).

Get exactly the area you need

Use easy and powerful selection tools to select quickly select simple rectangles or meticulously select complicated shapes.

Save time with the property selection tools

Click on the map to select the property underneath. You can also search using property number (kiinteistötunnus).

Helpful previews in seconds

Cetopo will show you a customizable preview directly on the map in the browser. Save time by knowing what you get.


Previews support most datatypes that are available in Cetopo. Easily customize your preview to your personal preferences.

Orthophotos you can use

Easy access to orthophotos that you can use in your visualizations!

Versatile meshes

Detailed meshes, huge meshes, light meshes, meshes for 3D-printing... Cetopo has them all. Can also be previewed in the browser!

Intelligent optimization

Cetopo allows you to use huge but light meshes with optimal accuracy using a custom mesh optimization algorithm.

Physical models

Cetopo lets you select precise scaled selections for your miniature model demands.

CAD & BIM support

Cetopo strives to support most CAD and BIM software. ArchiCAD, Revit, SketchUp, they all work great with Cetopo.

Plugins to the rescue

Some software don't support easy importing of all the data that Cetopo provides. These workflows are greatly enhanced by Cetopo-plugins.

Your workflow is supported

Cetopo supports broadly compatible and customizable 2D/3D formats such as dxf for more traditional CAD work, and less common CAD-software.

Revolutionary Laser Cuts

Cetopo can create easy to assemble, economical laser cuts in seconds, and even nest them for you! Supports preview!

Easy to use

Just specify material thickness, scale, and detail-level to get an interlocking, nested laser-cut with buildings and water-bodies.

Economical and easy to assemble

Cetopo supports multiple 'styles' of laser cut. Optimize material usage or create a puzzle-like assembly experience, the choice is yours.


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