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Cetopo allows architects to start working immediately, no need to wait for documents, drawings, or surveys. Cetopo provides immediate access to downloadable 2D and 3D files that can be quickly imported into your software. Cetopo’s detailed context models, derived from actual site data, allow you to refine your design before getting survey results. This enables accurate permit applications submitted on time and ensures concepts that are ready for construction without the need for lengthy revisions.

Cetopo saves time by automating data collection and interpretation, providing architects with comprehensive and up-to-date information about the project site from the start. Cetopo lets users control the information and its presentation format using easily customizable templates that can be saved, shared, and reused. Geographic Information System (GIS) data, topographical information, tree data, and other factors can be easily incorporated into your design workflow as 2D drawings or 3D models, native to software you already use.

Stand out in presentations with convincing and accurate visualizations with no extra time.
Cetopo automates context modeling, creating environments ready for rendering. The efficiency gained through automated site modeling can give architects a competitive edge, as it allows you to produce visually appealing and well-informed submissions without the need for extensive manual work. It saves time, enhances the overall quality of presentations, and allows you to focus on refining the design concept.

Using real site data early in the design process minimizes risks in project planning and budgeting by offering a more accurate basis for decision-making. An accurate site model helps plan and estimate costs better by giving a realistic view of the site conditions. This enables better-informed decisions regarding design, construction methods, and resource allocation. Plan and design with confidence and reduce iterations later on at critical stages of the project. Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of project planning and cost estimation in building projects.

Cetopo’s multi-accuracy models let you download two models at once. Select your immediate site with high terrain accuracy together with a wider context model covering a large area with compressed terrain data. This lets you work with, analyze and visualize a large area while keeping the context model lightweight.

After using Cetopo’s search function to find your site by property ID or address, you can then use the property selector to pick your specific site. You can adjust your selection using the selection compose tools to offset the property line, make shapes that include your property, and more. You can also use the selection compose tools to add or remove areas from your chosen selection.

Access the 2D information you need across multiple file formats compatible with CAD, BIM, and 3D modeling software, facilitating permit drawings and early concept sketches.

Cetopo’s ‘get more data’ feature allows you to seamlessly incorporate Cetopo into your existing workflow. Start your project by importing only the data and features you need. Then select an area in your software, and it will redirect to Cetopo to let you download more information in the same area.