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In the complex and often fast-paced world of architectural design, every moment counts. Architects are constantly seeking ways to optimize their workflows, saving time without sacrificing precision. Anastasiia Piven, an Architect at INBO, has found a solution to this dilemma in Cetopo – a platform revolutionizing the way architectural projects can be executed.

“Cetopo – the best way to save time.”
Anastasiia Piven
Architect at INBO

Since its expansion to Netherlands, Cetopo has become an integral tool for INBO, particularly in residential projects. Piven attests to the significant improvement in their workflow, attributing it to the efficiency that Cetopo brings to the table.

INBO Architects use Cetopo site models

At INBO we have been using Cetopo since they opened in the Netherlands, mainly in residential projects. The biggest improvement to our workflow is the efficiency the platform brings. 

As I work with Rhino, Revit and Twinmotion, thanks to Cetopo I can easily link precise terrain, vegetation, and context into all programs simultaneously. This means Cetopo saves me days in time.”

“I have a base for design studies, diagrams, and renders at my disposal in 10 minutes.”


“The files are also very light, which makes it very easy to work with the design. The recently added Dutch BGT dataset in Cetopo is also very handy, especially with roads division. This saves a lot of time when it comes to renders.”

“Personally, I have two favorite things with Cetopo. The first one is the accurate terrain. It was a wonderful experience to compare a dwg from the municipality and the terrain from Cetopo and see that heights are precisely correct. 

The second one is that the Cetopo trees are exactly as in real life with correct heights. With Twinmotion and Revit I can then easily replace them into more realistic, or more beautiful ones for both diagrams and floorplans.”

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